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Shoe Challenge No.34

Marc Jacobs BootsShoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs / シューズ:Marc by Marc Jacobs
Worn with: Blazer by Rena Lange, blouse by Diane von Furstenberg, skirt by Zara, necklace (my mom’s), earrings by Paris Kids, bag by Armani.
Rena Langeのジャケット、Diane von Furstenbergのブラウス、Zaraのスカート、母のネックレース、Paris Kidsのピアス、Armaniのバッグ。

These boots are another one of my E-Bay purchases – I really really love E-Bay for buying shoes! They are a kind of dark silver colour (my mom said they made her think of a science fiction movie…) and the only pair of flat boots I own. I just bought them recently and this is the first time I wore them – but definitely not the last! The blazer as well as the blouse are from a thrift shop near Munich – a great place to find a good bargain! Again, I didn’t manage to take a picture before the evening, so it’s another indoors one…


Marc Jacobs Boots

Last up, a close-up of the boots….

Marc Jacobs Boots

……and one of the accessories:


We went to a garden store today and bought some new plants for our garden. I always love the exotic ones with big colourful flowers, but they can’t stay outside during the winter here in Germany so unfortunately we can’t have too many. Also, I was looking for the Chanel Mimosa nailpolish, which was of course sold out everywhere – I really hate limited edition stuff! I feel like there’s a lot of useless limited editions now – not just fashion related items but even marmalades, cocktails or sweets. I’m not someone who “needs” to have the latest limited edition whatever, just sometimes something I like happens to be a limited edition. And I think it’s just super annoying, to have found something you love and then not being able to ever get it again…..



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  1. Very cool outfit 🙂 Love the pearls and the boots!

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