the life and thoughts of a shoe addict

Shoe Challenge No.31

Pool Side SandalsShoes: Pool Side / シューズ:プール・サイド
Worn with: Dress by H&M, bag by Armani, leggings.

On Friday, our modem broke…..I was trying to connect to the internet and it just didn’t work. At first I was afraid my notebook had broken, but after taking a look at our modem, I knew what the real problem was……so, naturally, I phoned our provider who said they’d check up and phone me back. I was already panicking at the thought of having no internet for an undefined time! One day without internet is hell to me – even if I don’t use it (does that ever happen?) I like to know I could! Since I had to go to town to finally get my last “Schein” ( grade sheet for an essay) I couldn’t wait at home for their return call. After getting my grade, I met my friend for coffee and waited for The Call so I could go and complain directly at the shop in case of any problems. As I expected, our modem was broken, which the service guy at the phone confirmed, only to then tell me I’d just have to wait A Few Days until our new modem would arrive – A Few DAYS without internet?! Of course I went straight to the store to ask for some rental modem and at first they told me they had no such thing….after asking again and telling them about other providers services they said I could get a wireless USB-stick ( is that the correct name for it?) at the main store (in some remote part of Munich…) but should phone first if they had any. I phoned and they had none (at fist they didn’t even know a service like that existed!). Then I decided to wait for my mom and go with her to the shop again. Well, in the end the nice experienced guy who was there in the evening lent us a normal DSL modem (instead of the WLAN one which broke) which he said is available in a case like this ( why didn’t the others know about it??) and saved my day ( and weekend). At least all ended well!


Pool Side Sandals

So, on this eventful Friday I was wearing a pair of Sandals by the Japanese brand Pool Side – I can still remember when I bought it at 109 Shopping Centre in Shibuya (incidentally with the same friend I met for coffee on Friday), where they were another case of love at first sight! I was unsure at first whether to buy them in pink or black, but finally decided on black, since I thought the shape is interesting enough and maybe and a bold colour would just distract from the gorgeous heel. They had an ankle strap originally, but as I don’t really like ankle straps I just removed it. I still love them now:


Pool Side Sandals


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