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Shoe Challenge No.21

Today it was sunny but still really cold, so outfit-wise I wasn’t in the mood for dressing up, but I still decided to save another pair of good-weather shoes! I met friends for coffee and we watched the movie Limitless, which was interesting.

Esperanza WedgesShoes: Esperanza
Worn with: Cardigan by Chille AnaP, top by H&M, jeans by Seven, bag by Armani.

Today’s shoes are by the Japanese brand Esperanza (as so many of my favourite pairs!), and they were love at first sight for me! I love everything about them: the crazy heel-shape, the big houndstooth print and the detachable bow. Nevertheless, when I first saw them I wasn’t feeling like spending money and stupidly decided to wait…..of course once I decided to buy them they were already sold out in the shop and I had to search a lot to find another pair! Luckily I found my “happy end” when I discovered a pair in Ikebukuro’s Esperanza shop 🙂

Esperanza Wedges

The only bad thing about them is that the uppers are made of fabric (there’s nothing worse than white fabric on a shoe!!), so I always have to listen closely to the weather report before wearing them …well, at least they’re comfortable!

Esperanza Wedges

Last but not least, another rollcake, which I made a few days ago. This time I thought up my own decorating pattern:

Deco Rollcake


Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.21" (5)

  1. Broadband speed is still very compromised over here but I had to swing by to say how much I love these and your rollcakes. The question is – are you going to make a new piece of patisserie with each pair of shoes saved? That is a challenge of enormous proportions.

    My children want to move in with you because you make beautiful cakes.

  2. Your roll cakes look amazing! Are they very difficult to make? They look very detailed! Your shoes are lovely, too. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any quite like that before!

    • Thank you! The cake is not difficult (although I do have some experience in making cakes, so maybe it’s not so good for a beginner) it just takes some time. Basically you colour a part of the dough with food colouring and then pipe the pattern onto the greased baking sheet, pre-bake it for a minute and then spread the rest of the dough over it. Maybe I should post the how-to when I make another one 🙂

  3. I second Caveat Calcei – I think a new cake for every pair of shoes would be amazing (although probably a lot of hard work!). I also think you could probably set up a cake shop if you wanted… I’m almost drooling on my keyboard here.

    I also love the shoes, especially the curved heel. I live in fear of that moment when you finally decide that yes, you’re definitely going to buy a particular pair of shoes.. only to find that they just sold out the day before or something. Aargh!

    • Thank you! I wish I had the time to bake that often! But since I’m mostly at home now writing my graduation thesis, I do have more time than before so I will definitely make some more 🙂
      Not that I should be buying any more shoes, but nowadays I find it’s nearly impossible to take some time and think about a purchase, because when you do the item you want will be gone already, especially on the internet! And then I’m off to Ebay, searching for that particular thing forever…

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