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Sophia Grace Webster Butterfly Shoe

A while back I saw these stunning peeptoes by Sophia Grace Webster on Shoeperwoman and it was love at first sight….unfortunately, as so many designer shoes, they were far too expensive for me (they are available at Browns for £505). But then I thought that these could easily be recreated using a black peeptoe and DIYing a butterfly shoe clip. So, when I had some free time I just gave it a try, and I think they turned out quite well. I clipped them to two different pairs (I didn’t have a plain black one with a high enough heel so they aren’t my optimal choice) for taking pictures. What do you think?

Sophia Grace Webster DIY

Sophia Grace Webster DIY

Sophia Grace Webster DIY

Sophia Grace Webster DIY

If you’d like to make a pair for yourself, here’s how to:

First, draw the butterfly shape on a piece of paper, then cut it out.

Sophia Grace Webster DIY

Then, using the paper shape, draw four outlines onto a thicker material, like foam rubber, and cut it out using scissors and a cutter.

Sophia Grace Webster DIY

Then paint the wings using acrylic paint in black. After that, fix them to a shoe clip or paper clip (I used a paper clip, because i can bend it to adjust it to different shoes and it won’t rub the back of my foot as much) by sewing or glueing them on. Use a small piece of rubber foam to glue between the two wings to hide the clip underneath. Then use acrylic paste to create a smooth connection between the two wings if you like to and after drying, paint the “bridge” black as well. Finally use some sort of laquer (clear nail polish is fine) to give them shine.

Sophia Grace Webster DIY

Sophia Grace Webster DIY

Comments on: "Sophia Grace Webster Butterfly Shoe DIY" (10)

  1. Simply fantastic, excellent job, and I’ll copy for sure! So, again, many thaaaanks! (And congratulations for the idea!)

  2. This worked out very well indeed. I always notice that the difference between high end fashion and high street fashion is the finishings – buttons, zips etc. If you are skilled with your hands (as you are) and have a good 3D design sense, this is the best way to create a new look for your shoes. Other than buying another pair of course!

  3. wow, you’re so creative! I never would’ve thought of doing anything like this (well, I probably would’ve bought butterflies from a craft store and done it that way!), and it turned out so well. I really love those shoes too, but they are too expensive. Maybe I’ll think about getting them if they ever go on sale!

  4. Love it on the purple pair! So creative.

  5. Wow!!! Your handywork looks truly sensational!! Wish I could do that. 🙂

  6. I myself have shelled out the £505 to purchase these exquisite shoes from Browns. Not only is is important to support new young designers, but the italian craftsmanship is like none other, especially not like this amateur copy.

    • Well, good for you that you can shell out 505£ on a pair of shoes. Not everybody can do that, as you might imagine, so this isn’t trying to be a “replica shoe” or pretending to be the real thing, but an idea to give non-designer shoes a nice extra touch. Also, I am certain somebody who makes their own shoe-clips wouldn’t be buying shoes in that price category, so I surely am not stealing any “support” for young designers. If somebody doesn’t want to create the exact shape of Sophia Grace’s butterfly, they could also use this idea to make a different clip for their shoes.

    • Christina said:

      What are you on about Italian craftsmanship, the girl is British, I went to school with her and she is just brilliant. I love all her shoes and I’m sure she wouldn’t give two hoots that this lady is copying her butterfly design, in fact I think she’d be chuffed that someone likes her shoes so much they’re taking the time to copy them and even write a blog about them!!!

  7. Really beautiful and such an easy creative idea for just about any type of shoe.

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