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Shoe Challenge No.2

Sergio Rossi

Shoes: Sergio Rossi

Worn with: Top, cardigan and jeans skirt by Zara, bag by Armani.

Sergio Rossi

Sergio Rossi

For my second shoe challenge, I decided to wear one of my favourite shoes, these platform pumps by Sergio Rossi. I got them last year on sale, but until today I didn’t wear them outside of the house, so I decided it’s about time since I don’t want to lose them! They were a “love at first sight” kind of purchase, and I still love everything about them: the heel with the gold glitter inside, the butterfly shaped embellishment on the front, the colour with the oil-like sheen….. actually I must admit I often just took them out of the shoe closet to admire them! As it was the first time I wore them, I didn’t plan a long trip, and just went for a little bit of evening window shopping at Ebisu station to relax after a day of studying. For such high heels, they are OK to walk in, but the next time I’ll definitely wear them without tights, as they make my feet slip inside the shoe (that’s why they look too big in the pictures).

A closeup shot:

Sergio Rossi

The outside shot, unfortunately only the one with flash turned out halfway OK:

Sergio Rossi

Worn with: Jacket with fur collar by ef-dé.


Comments on: "Shoe Challenge No.2" (5)

  1. Wow, they are some shoes. I love the heel, very different to the norm 🙂

  2. Now THIS is a shoe.

    I would follow you up the street to ask you where you got these. Luckily you are a continent away.

  3. Those are amazing shoes! You must get lots of comments on them! I really like the heel with glitter inside.

  4. these are GORGEOUS!

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