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Architectural Cut-Out Wedge

Esperanza Architectural Cut-Out Wedges

How stunning are these hot pink architectural cut-out wedges?! For me, it was love at first sight. When I saw them in the store I knew I had to have them…..but when I asked the shop assistant for my size she told me they were only produced in “M” size at the moment and she didn’t know if they’d release them in L – I was heartbroken! So heartbroken in fact that I actually emailed the company asking why on earth they didn’t produce more sizes! Well, I actually got an answer telling me the shop where I saw them is their “test shop” in which they try out how good a new style sells before producing them on a big scale. Also no answer to if and when they’d produce them in other sizes. You can imagine my surprise when I went back to the store just about a week later only to find them in my size! What the heck? Couldn’t they have told me so in their answer as it was more than clear that I wanted to buy them?? But, I shouldn’t be complaining because I’m simply happy to have them. Now I only have to wait for weather warm enough to actually wear them! I’ve looked for them on the internet, but they haven’t got them in their webstore yet. If you happen to be in Japan, they are from the Japanese brand Esperanza (one of my absolutely favourite brands) and you can buy them in their stores for approx. 100€. They also are available in stone, blue and black colour.


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  1. […] a comment Remember the architectural cut-out wedge I wrote about a while ago? Well, it’s finally available online! Also, there’s two brands using the same awesome […]

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