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Miu Miu Lookalike

Miu Miu ShoesVanity Beauty Shoes

If you’ve been lusting after these gorgeous Miu Miu pumps (top picture, available at Net-a-porter) and found the price of 595$ just a little bit too high, these two-tone pumps by Vanity Beauty are a cheaper alternative. They  look very similar to the Miu Miu’s, featuring the same two-tone color and bows.  But while the Miu Miu’s have no stitching along the edge of the black part, the Vanity Beauty pumps do. Also, the heel of the Miu Miu shoes is a bit higher and the cream color patent of the Vanity Beauty version is a little bit darker. If you prefer a different color combination, the Vanity Beauty pumps are also available in a combination of burgundy and pink or of light and dark brown which both look equally beautiful. They are currently on sale at 4,956 Yen, which equals about 60$ (previously 6,195 Yen/74$) at the Marui Web shop.


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  1. […] written about these shoes on here quite a while back, and actually I ended up buying a pair for myself – oops! But, I […]

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